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About Us

Welcome to Frenchie Box! 

Frenchie with a ball

We know that Frenchies are uncontrollably adorable and unique dogs with discerning taste. At Frenchie Box, we adore Frenchies and are excited to have created a special subscription box that caters specifically to all of our wonderful Frenchie friends and the people who love them. We are very familiar with the many delights of having a Frenchie in the family, and we're looking forward to welcoming you to our pack of Frenchie friends.

Each month we strive to find fantastic toys, healthy snacks, excellent products, and cute Frenchie-themed stuff for you to enjoy with your family. We can't wait to send you the best of the best for your Frenchie, so if you have any suggestions or something your Frenchie wants to try, just let us know!