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Frenchie Box Premium


Each monthly box includes:

2-3 Toys
2-3 Treats
PLUS 1 Premium Toy
PLUS 1 Human Swag Item
Unique Monthly Theme

as low as

$35.99 ea

Frenchie Box Regular


Each monthly box includes:

2-3 Toys
2-3 Treats
1 Human Swag Item
Unique Monthly Theme

as low as

$29.99 ea


Hear What Our Customer's Are Saying

Frenchie Box Influencer

Frenchie Box Influencer

"Optimus Stitch is ready to dig into his latest Frenchie Box"

Frenchie Box Lover

Frenchie Box Lover

"Our Box just came in the mail and Gambit is ready for some Frenchie Box fun!"

Frenchie Box Premium Subscriber

Frenchie Box
Premium Subscriber

"Frenchie Box, you're the best gift under the tree! Our Frenchie is loving this holiday surprise!"

Favorite Past Boxes

Rise and Shine Box

Rise and Shine

Start your day with a tail-wagging delight. Treat your Frenchie to the best meal of the day!

Sweet Tooth Box

Sweet Tooth

There is always room for desert! Indulge your frenchie's sweet tooth with our delicious Frenchie Box. Unleash the delight and enjoy every paw-licking  moment 

Summer Splash Box

Summer Splash

Get your Frenchie ready to dive into summer with this month's aquatic-themed Summer Splash box!

Take a look inside Frenchie Box!

Each month we find the best fun toys, healthy snacks, and Frenchie stuff to share with you and your Frenchie! We're always searching for the best of the best to delight the wonderful Frenchie in your life! Here are a few examples from our previous boxes.

Small Bites TreatsUFO Toy
Mutt Duds TreatCrayola Crayon Toy

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